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DVD NYMR Season 2021 6 Disc Set

DVD NYMR Season 2021 6 Disc Set

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Running time: 860 mins

This 6 disc deluxe set contains 2 additional discs of behind scenes footage from Grosmont MPD taken throughout 2021, showcasing what goes on by the fitting and boiler staff to keep a steam fleet running through the season.

Winter maintenance continued into Jan, Feb and Mar. March and April saw the K1 and S15 on the Esk Valley line running staff training. The season opened in May with the resumption of the bronze timetable and trains running into Whitby. The autumn steam gala returned in September with guest locos GWR 2900 Class No. 2999 'Lady of Legend' from Didcot, 8F No. 48305 from the GCR and A1 Pacific No. 60163 'Tornado' along with the 8 loco home fleet. The popular 'Light Spectacular' service returned in October with 9F fitted with 17,000 LEDs plus the Santa Specials in December.

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