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Lottie Shaw's Yorkshire Parkin

Lottie Shaw's Yorkshire Parkin

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Made to their 100 year old plus family recipe of this is a regional sticky ginger delicacy is made with flour, oatmeal, black treacle and syrup.

One of the seriously good things about Yorkshire Parkin is that the treacle in the recipe caramelises and hardens during baking, but before it leaves the bakery it is kept to rest to allow it to 'come again' - this is where the caramel softens giving each piece the perfect crumbly stickiness.

There are various ways to enjoy Yorkshire Parkin cake. Spread it with a little butter and enjoy with a cup of tea, layer it with fresh strawberries and cream or eat it as a pudding with sticky caramel sauce.

The pack is hand tied with rafia and is made from sustainable packaging so the outer box, swing tag and raffia can all be recycled.

Lottie Shaw's Yorkshire Parkin cake has been awarded a Great Taste Award. 

This pack weighs 420g.

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