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Simon Hall - Frosty Times Heather Moors Line

Simon Hall - Frosty Times Heather Moors Line

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The 3rd book in the series... and set at a vaguely familiar Railway...!
As the summer holidays begin, Holly, Tom and Pip the cat are back with their weary parents and Granny for a another fun-packed Railway adventure set in the North Heather Moors. As usual, things do not go to plan and something most peculiar has happened up on the moors.
The chilling Ice Queen has taken control of Pickering Station, casting the landscape into a frozen Arctic winter.
Will the children succeed in evading the Ice Queen’s frozen stare, and manage to defeat her? Will Jack Frost come to their rescue? Will the magical walking stick with its crystal ball use its powers to help them? And most importantly, will they be back in time to save Christmas and thaw the day?

Beautifully illustrated throughout by renowned railway artist David Charlesworth, and though the story is fiction it is also educational. History, wildlife, geography, science, engineering and mythology are questioned and explored.


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