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Train Diffuser

Train Diffuser

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Now - we know we are completely biased but we think we have found the perfect diffuser in the history of diffusers! 

This locomotive train diffuser is a great addition to your home or model railway layout! With light and misting options you can illuminate your space and soothe your senses.

If you are new to fragrance oils and aromatherapy you may have a few questions - so - a diffuser is a device that disperses fragrance oils into your space. This here marvellous device is an ultrasonic diffuser which uses ultrasonic vibration in the water tank to create microfine essential oil particles. The particles partner with a water molecule as they rise up and through the nozzle and deliver essential oils into the surrounding space in the form of mist.

But the magic lies in the misting outlets cleverly disguised as chimneys, breathing life into the train-inspired design. Whether you opt for continuous mist or periodic bursts, which spiral up into steam rings, the effect is mesmerising, evoking the imagery of a mighty locomotive chuffing its way down the railway, transporting you to a realm of tranquillity and bliss.

And then there are the lighting options - you can switch between blue and orange, and have them either fully on, fading in and out, or off. Operated with buttons at the front of the locomotive, you can adjust the mist and lighting options. There is also a remote control so it can also be operated from afar.  

Quite possibly our favourite product of the season!

UK Mains Powered - Cable Length 180cm
300ml Water Tank - up to 6 hours diffusion

Size: 13.8cm tall, stretches 24cm in length and has a depth of 8.3cm


PS a big thank you to the gentleman who popped into Pickering Shop and introduced me to these fantastic things!

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